Privacy Policy:

[Updated: 28/02/2022]

Valid for nummolt apps – developers:


Maurici Carbó Jordi of nummolt – Barcelona – Spain

App: MCB_APP: Math Cats Balance

Apps for kids and grown-up (Teaching resources):


MCB_APP does not allows display ads or collect data to any company.

(not related to any ads companies)


MCB_APP does not enable social networking features.


MCB_APP does not transmit any location data. (GPS)


MCB_APP does not allow in-app purchases.

MCB_APP is a free app.

Data Collection:

MCB_APP don't collect any data

Register or identify users:

MCB_APP don't need to to register or identify users for to play with it.

Api's and SDK's:

MCB_APP is an app made from scratch with Android Studio by the Developer.

MCB_APP Don't contains or use any SDK or API or external Web Service.

Vendors or analytics providers:

Not related to any analytics company.


The minimum recommended age is +4 years old.

Ask questions:

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy policies, please contact me:

Maurici Carbó (developer): or (publisher)

The specified app is free and does not require any kind of additional permissions in the Android devices.

Written for the first time in 02/28/2022 by Maurici Carbó Jordi owner of Barcelona (Spain)